On The Ground with The Good Earth


My name is Shannon and I am currently an ‘on the ground promoter’ working on Motherlode’s The Good Earth. That means that I am helping to spread the word to as many people as possible about this show which tours Wales in September.

Motherlode’s tagline is Tireless New Theatre, Made in Wales.  I saw the last run of rehearsals for ‘The Good Earth’ at Park & Dare Theatre in Treorchy last week. I feel extremely lucky to be working to engage people in the Cardiff area and to have got the chance to watch the performance just before it went on tour to New York. I’m delighted to help spread the word about this production; the themes that it touches on evokes awareness on what has affected Wales as a country in the past and its reaction to moments of hardship. It is an important message of strength and unity, especially during a time when we seem to be so divided.

The Good Earth’ echoes concerns over the threat to the Welsh identity and community with its close relation to the Aberfan and Tryweryn tragedies. The play made me feel nostalgic about situations I’ve never personally experienced, and empathetic for the characters’ cause to maintain the integrity of their way of life. It reminded me of Wales’s role in modern Britain, and how drastically that has developed over the years. It was the backlash against apathetic and unjust authorities that helped to fuel the surge of Welsh nationalism that we see today.

The singing, though not appearing to be its fundamental feature, significantly intensified the mood of the play. It had a meditative effect. Kudos to the actors for managing to convey the emotions of deeply relevant issues in many Welsh communities. I am so excited to see the show alongside a Welsh audience when it returns from NYC.

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Sigh No More

Sigh No More

English folk rock band Mumford & Sons have announced that they’ll be playing two extra special outdoor events this summer with some of my other favourites like Vampire Weekend, Mystery Jets, The Vaccines and Johnny Flynn. So what did Mumford & Sons’ lead vocals Marcus Mumford have to say about it?
“As Pep Guardolia (a Spanish football manager- I did my reaserch) would probably say, keeping possession of the ball is Rules One, Two and Three of football. As Mumford & Sons would definitely say, Rules One, Two and Three of being a band are: Play Live.”

You can’t help but love Mumford & Sons, it could be because they play instruments that you probably didn’t even know existed, ( a resonator guitar? Do you know anyone -that isn’t Winston Marshall- who actually plays a resonator guitar?!) or it could be for their wonderfully catchy (if slightly predictable) choruses.
“Love, it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you. It will set you free” – Sigh No More.

I have to admit, I much prefer their older stuff in comparison to their more recent stuff, back when they hadn’t quite reached ubiquity and they weren’t labeled as “hipsters”.