Mermaid – a review of the Sherman Theatre production.


Polly Teale’s tale of an alluringly dark and twisted fantasy was brought on stage, with a unique intertwining of the fragile existence of both above and below the ocean through naivety, desire and love, whilst maintaining its signature theme of gripping sinfulness.

What started as a seemingly ordinary play, it developed to be anything but so. Mermaid will stay with you long after it  finishes.

The dialogue was especially captivating. It somehow complemented the eerie and beautiful setting, which was versatile in virtually all of the scenes in the play. The actors were natural to their characters, each distinct, vibrant, but wholly credible in their actions and movements.

The play raises philosophical questions: is it better to remain blissfully ignorant in safety, or follow in the in pursuit of happiness, but be simultaneously exposed to disillusion and regret? Will we ever be satisfied with what we have? Could there really be life that we are unaware of, or is it just merely subject to our futile imaginations?

It is left to the audience to decide.

In summary, Hans Christian Anderson would be proud.


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