What I’ve learned from going to a Swim Deep gig.

What I've learned from going to a Swim Deep gig.

There are very few bands that can pull off being simultaneously good and funny. But, as expected, they’re spot on. They’re not even trying to be hilarious, they’re just a bunch of wonderful weirdos. Everything about the gig was bloody wonderful. Well, except from the arseholes who were on their phone all night.

Anyway, here’s a few things I learned after going to the Swim Deep gig:
1) Higgy really does have other tops apart from the Nirvana one. Seriously.
2) Music ALWAYS sounds better live.
3) Austin looks good in almost anything (notice I used ‘almost’ there? It’s because nobody looks good in leggings. Nobody.)
4) Band guys are the coolest guys on earth.
Swim Deep and Wolf Alice are bloody amazing live. Seriously, if you’ve never heard of them or seen them live then I strongly suggest you do. It was mind-blowing, and they’re are really down to earth. REALLY down to earth. To be honest I was pretty dubious about going because I have the social life of a hibernating squirrel.
5) I should start doing homework BEFORE gigs. Until now I’ve no idea how I managed to write three sides of homework in approximately 10 minutes before in was about to be handed in.
6) Most drunk hippies don’t understand the concept of personal space.


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