In a Perfect World

Kodaline have done pretty well with their new album considering it’s their first. Usually musicians are on their second or third before reaching popularity. It’s probably because they’ve successfully followed a blueprint of bands like Keane and Coldplay, that they’ve already reached number 3 in the UK album charts, which I kind of have to give them credit for, taking into account that a ton of other bands have tried and failed doing so.
‘In a Perfect World’ touches themes of heartbreak and loneliness, though sadly, it’s one of those albums that sounds achingly familiar and points towards a band’s bleak future of blending into the background as they struggle to add their own touch of uniqueness.
Overall, it’s neither a bad or a great album, but rather in the middle somewhere. It evokes strong emotions, both euphoric and wistful, although lacking originality.
Personally, I’d like to see them cope with the immense pressure of making an even better second album.


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