Heart of Nowhere

“Offer empathy, don’t get lost in pride/Forgive your friends, they are only young.”
Although this sounds like an extract from the Bible, it’s actually a sample of lyrics from Noah And The Whale’s fourth album (and accompanying film) ‘Heart Of Nowhere’. Instead of being wrapped up in the past-teen heartache of his split with singer Laura Marling (2009’s First Days Of Spring) and the infinite number of possibilities beyond that (Last Night On Earth), Charlie wakes up and smells adulthood.

It’s like a counsel for today’s youth, or rather letters to a younger self, the lyrics touch upon painfully relatable topics, that uncovers and celebrates the richness in the world, which is quite exceptional, considering real life tends to be slightly dull compared to life in the movies.

‘Be careful whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it/ Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of fishing the past’.

I’d say that this album is by far one of their best, still touching a few concepts of their previous albums, yet completely reinventing themselves to be more self-accepting and mature. Personally, I’d give it around 8/10


…Like Clockwork.

A new Queens of the Stone Age album including Dave Grohl, Elton John and Arctic Monkey Alex Turner. I won’t say that I don’t have to listen to it to tell that it’s a great album, because I’m sure any David Bowie or Mick Jagger fan would find it somehow depressingly ironic and amusing, but unsuprisingly, this album is pretty awesome. Tracks like ‘Keep your Eyes Peeled’ and ‘My God is the Sun’ gives strong evidence that the band are finally back to their original roots, like back when they had written Queens of the Stone Age and Rated R. They’ve always specialised in this somewhat alluring, eerie 70’s future dystophia, which is greatly emphasised on Like Clockwork.
I generally like what they’ve done on this album, although I wasn’t too fond on the drumming (sorry, Grohl, it really wasn’t you at all). I’d give it roughly an 8/10. Nothing more, nothing less.

Making Dens

Making Dens by Mystery Jets has to be one of my favourite albums, and arguably the best album they’ve ever written. Making Dens is basically the sound of a band finding itself. Some good song writing and fresh ideas, although a few concepts that are a bit too arty for the band to pull off, but generally a great album. Key tracks being Soluble In Air, Horse Drawn Cart and Zootime. They kind of remind me of the Killers, and other bands in that homogeneous “new indie alternative” category.
If popular music were to take off in this direction, I’d say we have a pretty bright future ahead of us.



After reading Grimes’ blog, I no longer feel that she is one of the coolest females in music, she is probably one of the coolest people on the planet, therefore I feel compelled to writing something about her. It’s a lengthy rant about how she didn’t want to “compromise morals in order to make a living”, and saying, “I’m tired of creeps on message boards discussing whether or not they’d “fuck” me”, which is pretty big of her considering she is one of very few artists who refuse to be passive of the way they are treated in society, and more specifically, the music business. A few other artists have also addressed the issue of sexism in music, including ‘Deap Vally’, Angel Haze, Haim and Iggy Azaelia.

Why can’t there be more people like her?!

I hope Grimes’ blog inspires more people to stand against not only sexism, but discrimination in general, because after all, we are now living in the 21st century. Not the 19th.

There’s nothing so fundamentally uncool and dull as discrimination. Whether it be someone’s race, religion, gender or sexuality.

Nobody deserves to be treated as less of a person because of who they are or who they choose to be. Nobody.