Waxahatchee was only mentioned to me about a week ago and I can’t stop listening to her, she has a very Cat Power/Regina Spektor voice although she is very unique in her own way.
Swan Dive is by far one of her best songs, the lyrics are  somehow simultaneously euphoric and melancholy and beautiful. I suppose the song is simple really, it’s about lovers had and lost, about memories now fading.
“You hold on to the past/ you make yourself miserable/ and I’m ruled by seasons and sadness/ that’s inexplicable/ and we will find a was to be lonely any chance we get.”

Her latest album is called Cerulean Salt and is available to download on Itunes (presumably!).


Sigh No More

Sigh No More

English folk rock band Mumford & Sons have announced that they’ll be playing two extra special outdoor events this summer with some of my other favourites like Vampire Weekend, Mystery Jets, The Vaccines and Johnny Flynn. So what did Mumford & Sons’ lead vocals Marcus Mumford have to say about it?
“As Pep Guardolia (a Spanish football manager- I did my reaserch) would probably say, keeping possession of the ball is Rules One, Two and Three of football. As Mumford & Sons would definitely say, Rules One, Two and Three of being a band are: Play Live.”

You can’t help but love Mumford & Sons, it could be because they play instruments that you probably didn’t even know existed, ( a resonator guitar? Do you know anyone -that isn’t Winston Marshall- who actually plays a resonator guitar?!) or it could be for their wonderfully catchy (if slightly predictable) choruses.
“Love, it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you. It will set you free” – Sigh No More.

I have to admit, I much prefer their older stuff in comparison to their more recent stuff, back when they hadn’t quite reached ubiquity and they weren’t labeled as “hipsters”.

You can’t do that.

This photograph is one of my favourites, purely because of Ringo’s face, it was taken of The Beatles on the 19th of March, 1964. They were receiving the Variety Club award for Show Business Personalities of 1963 from Opposition leader Harold Wilson. Later in the day the group went into the BBC studios to record their debut appearance on the organisation’s Top of the Pops, which had aired for the first time 1 January that year. The Beatles sang ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ – which became their fifth UK number one – and also the B-side ‘You Can’t Do That’.

Kill it Kid.


I’m starting to really like Kill it Kid. The band met in Bath Spa University in 2008 and have released two albums and a number of exciting singles such as Run and Burst its Banks, they have received respectable ratings like 8/10 and 9/10 from NME and Clash magazine.

The four-piece band currently include Chris Turpin (Guitar, vocals), Stephanie Ward (piano, vocals), Marc Jones (drums), and Dom Kozubie (bass).

They have been associated with White Stripes and Arcade Fire and are widely recognized as one of the best new bands of 2009.

I suppose they’re one of those bands that if you listen to one of their songs, you’re instantly hooked to them, already disappearing down a rabbit hole of guitar-driven, grunge infused folk.

They’re pretty unique, too. They’re not one-of-those-bands-who-completely-fail-and-end-up-seeing-their-CD-in-Poundland like so many other bands who I can’t even remember the names of.

 Who couldn’t like a band with influences like Nirvana, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits and Bob Dylan?!

Don’t go to strangers.

From recently listening to Joni Mitchell’s song, “A Free Man in Paris”, I’ve been inspired to write a music blog. To quote another of my favourite artists, Dave Grohl, “I don’t have any interests outside of music”, my passion for music knows no bounds and I want to share it with you.

joni mitchell

“Stoking the star maker machinery/ Behind the popular song.”